The Secret to Blocking Starch and Fat Absorption


What’s your guilty food pleasure? Are you someone who sneaks fast food home after a long day in the office? It’s soooo hard for us to stay active and healthy when there are so many different unhealthy food options available within a few feet of the office or just a short drive from our house.

Everyone’s guilty food pleasure probably has two things in common: They’re fatty, and fully of starch! French fries, burgers, cake (nom), and other deliciously terrible options are packed with ingredients that promote cellular fat absorption and help you GAIN weight.

However, even if you’re on a nutritional program to lose extra weight, you need to consume starch and fat in order to operate at your highest capacity. So how can you help you body ONLY consume the necessary amount of fats and starches without overloading your system?


Enter: Garcinia HCA.

What is Garcinia HCA?


Garcinia HCA has been used by people for hundreds of years in it’s native lands to improve mood and reduce stress. However, our team at Viance noticed another benefit of Garcinia HCA: it blocks your ability to make fat and drastically suppresses your appetite.

How does it work? There is an active ingredient in Garcinia’s rind called hydroxycitric acid (which is the acronym ‘HCA’ at the end). The amazing thing about HCA is that it blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat.

If Garcinia’s HCA can block that enzyme, it renders your body’s fat absorption processes helpless. It’s possible that HCA causes your body to only absorb the fat your body needs to function, and flushes out the rest.

For regular people like you and us who want more out of our lives, this opens up a huge opportunity to improve our bodies. With less fat absorption, we can lose stubborn weight without starving.

Where can I get Garcinia?


Garcinia is sold as a vitamin in many stores. However, pill form is difficult because it takes a long time for your body to break down the pill and absorb the HCA into your system. We recommend taking it orally through liquid form. We suggest you check out the Ultra Slim, which is an entire month’s worth of Garcinia (and L-Cartinine, which increases your calorie burning metabolism, Green Tea extract, Ginger, Mango, and Bitter Orange complex) for less than 75 cents a day.

How Do I Use Garcinia?


Drop one dropper full of Ultra Slim’s Garcinia complex into 8 oz. of water 90 minutes before dinner. It has a slightly sweet taste, so it’s not off-putting. Take once a day.


Looking to get more educated on how REAL ingredients can help you lose weight the way nature intended? Check out this Three Day Cleanse we always suggest people try first.


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