The Secret to Serving Size

Portion control is a critical part of successful weight loss and weight management.

To Cornell University food psychologist Brian Wansink, Ph.D., portion awareness is the key to making sure that more of the 200 food choices we make each day are closer to what our thinking brain — as opposed to our instinctive brain — would like.

The cards are stacked against most Americans. Our bodies think we’re still hunter-gatherers threatened by imminent famine at the end of every season — even as we drive the minivan to Costco. Our supermarkets offer tens of thousands of products, often sold in packages that could feed a small nomadic tribe.

So buy smaller plates, a dead-simple idea: Buy and use smaller plates and bowls and use your hands as a simple way to measure portion sizes.

Everyones hands are different sizes, but as a general rule, the size of your hand will match the size of the portion you would need. As an example, a larger person would need a larger portion and they would have a larger hand to match. The opposite would be true for a smaller person.

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