The Worst Foods to Eat on a Diet


One of the pitfalls of dieting is that there are foods that can sneak their way in and sabotage even the best laid diet plans. With a little bit of planning and knowledge, you can watch out for these worst foods to eat on a diet so that you can get your weight loss on track. Eat right, beware of these “bad guys”, and watch the pounds melt away!

1. Salt

Be careful of salt, which causes unhealthy levels of water retention and also can increase your risk of stroke and heart attack. Unfortunately, a typical fast-food meal can contain up to 5,000 mg of sodium, which is more than double the daily recommended limit. You also need to be careful of processed or packaged foods, which contain added sodium for flavor. Reduce your salt intake without sacrificing flavor by using garlic, parsley, dill, and basil to your dishes. Or roast vegetables such as red peppers, parsnips, and squash to caramelize their natural sugars and bring out their flavor. Try our recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Steaks for a flavorful dish that won’t sabotage your diet!

2. Potato Chips

Among the worst offenders in the study were potato chips. People who ate them gained an average of 1.69 pounds since only 1 ounce contains over 150 calories, and typically too much salt which we talked about earlier. For healthy potato alternatives, try some of our healthy recipes here!

3. Refined grains

The usual suspects in this category are white rice, white bread, white pasta, and all-purpose flour. They lack fiber and key nutrients, and studies show that they also trigger almost a half pound weight gain over a year. Opt for whole grains instead.  They’re great for digestion, cholesterol, and make you feel full. Participants in the same study who ate whole grains lost 0.37 pounds on average.


4. Sugar

This is sugar of any kind, not just the white stuff! Whether it’s in a regular or diet soda, a sugary coffee drink, or even orange juice, added sugar can sneak in the calories, and added weight gain. If you need something to curb that sweet tooth, choose fruit. Or if you want a sweet beverage, try one of our drink recipes here! 

5. Yogurt

This breakfast snack is always on diet lists, but be careful. You could be ingesting up to 4 extra teaspoons of sugar if you’re not paying attention to the ingredients. To make sure that your yogurt doesn’t sabotage your diet, buy plain yogurt and flavor it yourself with honey, cinnamon, fruit, and other natural ingredients to stay on the healthy side. Our Berry Yogurt Parfait is a great way to eat yogurt on a diet and not pack on extra pounds.

6. Trail Mix

A popular diet snack, trail mix can have hidden calories that can really wreck your diet plan. Store-bought versions can sometimes contain fruit that is deep-fried or yogurt-covered raisins are coated with partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, which contains saturated and trans fats, and sugary candy pieces inside. Make your own with a healthy mix of nuts, dried fruit (raisins or chopped apricots), whole-grain cereal, mini pretzels, and a few chocolate chips and limit your portion to one cup.

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