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Top 10 Ingredients You Should Buy Organic

It’s safe to say that eating healthy takes a little bit of planning and education. One of those words that’s thrown out quite a bit in nutrition articles is “organic”. So why even buy organic ingredients – does it really matter? In brief, yes! Eating organic ingredients is not only better for you, but for the environment, too. Farming methods that use organic pest control result in a safer path since organically built soils that produce resilient plants with their own natural defenses against insects, fungus and disease. Likewise, organic dairy farmers use pure water, quality feed, fresh air, and healthy pastures, to make sure their animals grow at their own natural pace, without artificial growth hormones. So here’s a starter list of ingredients you should buy organic so you can stay healthy while helping the environment!

1. Apples

applesApples sometimes have over 45 pesticides and other harmful additives to make them shiny and colorful in the produce aisle. There’s even some brands of apple juice and applesauce that have pesticide residue in their products. So it’s best to buy these organic, and if you can’t find organic apples, then opt for another fruit snack with a “protective covering” like watermelons or tangerines.

2. Strawberries


Some strawberry farms use over 40 different chemicals to fight fungus, and this is true for most berry growers. So buy organic and if you can’t, try frozen which usually have less pesticides.

3. Celery


This crunchy veggie soaks up a ton of pesticides so buy organic when you can and keep your snacks and salads chemical free!

4. Spinach


This leafy green sometimes gets over 60 pesticides from farmers who aren’t going organic. This is also true for frozen spinach. Definitely buy organic spinach, and when you can do the same for other leafy greens like kale.

5. Bell Peppers

bell peppers

Although not as many chemicals tend to be used on bell peppers, their soft skins do soak up pesticides pretty easily so going organic is a good choice if you’re adding these colorful veggies to your diet.


6. Beef


Research suggests a strong link between some of the hormones given to cattle and cancer in humans, particularly breast cancer, so it’s best to get your meat from a butcher who has organic beef. The same goes for any other animal products like chicken or pork.

7. Milk


Unfortunately, the milk you’re drinking may not be doing your body good. As we mentioned above, cattle, and the resulting dairy products account for a reported 60 to 70 percent of the estrogens we consume through our food. These hormones that are passed along from cows are treated with hormones that increase milk production, which is not safe for humans. When you can, buy organic milk and milk products

8. Potatoes


With their thin skins, potatoes are susceptible to pesticides and chemical absorption. You don’t want these added things in your food, so opt for organic, or at least peel the skins off when you can. This goes for sweet potatoes, too.

9. Peaches


Soft-skinned fruit like peaches, nectarines, plums are treated with far too many chemicals that seep into their delicate skins. Definitely opt for organic if you’re buying these stone fruits.

10. Tomatoes


We use tomatoes in so many dishes, including sauces and salsas, so it’s important to go organic with these red beauties. It’s best to buy organic because conventional tomatoes tested positive for a multitude of toxic chemicals including chlorothalonil, a chemical that is considered to be a known carcinogen.

So go organic when you can and get on the path to optimal health!

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