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True or False – Being Overweight Reduces Your Life Expectancy


There’s plenty of reality shows with people trying to lose weight to win money, or celebrities talking about their latest weight loss successes and failures, but what really happens to your body when you’re overweight? Being overweight has many health risks associated with it – but is an early death one of them? Let’s discuss a little further and find out.

What is “overweight”?

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If you’ve been to the doctor for a checkup lately, then you know if you are in the range of being considered overweight or obese. In general, body mass index, or BMI is used to determine whether you fall into these categories. So what is BMI? Simply, it is a measure of weight in relation to height. This is why it isn’t good to just go off a number on the scale or compare yourself to your friend or neighbor. To calculate your BMI, use this easy calculator here. According to health professionals, a BMI of 18.5-24.9 is considered normal weight, a BMI of 25-29.9 is considered overweight, and obese is considered a BMI of 30 or more.

A grim picture


Researchers from the University of Oxford studied men and women with differing BMI and found that being overweight and obese is a huge health risk, especially as you get older. An additional increase of 5 in your BMI translates into a 40% increase in death from heart disease, stroke, and other vascular diseases. If that’s not scary enough, the results also showed a 60% to 120% increase in death from diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. With each passing year, the risks increase with age so you definitely want to get in shape. It’s never too late. What’s even scarier is that in the U.S., there is a child obesity epidemic with over 30% of our children being considered overweight. This is due to an increase in video game playing and sedentary activities like playing on the computer coupled with an increase in fast food consumption.

Take action


You can defy statistics and get healthy! While an analysis of over 50 studies shows that obesity shaves two to four years off the average lifespan, you can start today by getting back on track. What are some things you can do? Well start by doing a cleanse to rid your body of any toxins and fats that are holding you back. Our Fat Buster Deluxe will help you lose about 8-15 pounds a month and lower your risks associated with being overweight. Then you’ll want to follow up that weight loss with some daily exercise. Try something that works for you; we’ve got some fun ideas here! And don’t forget to keep up your new healthy lifestyle by eating right. Our Viance blog has tons of recipes – everything from healthy snacks to nutritious dinners that you and your family can enjoy.

Don’t live in fear any longer, wondering if your life is going to be cut short because of your weight. We have plenty of resources for you at Viance so get started today and lose weight the way nature intended!

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