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What Drives You! – Understanding Why You Make Good or Bad Choices.

I’ve got a project for you today.

Think about something that you really love to do. What is it in your life that gives you a lot of pleasure? I bet it’s also something that you devote a lot of time to. Why is that? We all have certain core needs that have to be met in order to be truly happy.

They are as follows;

  1. the need for certainty,
  2. the need for uncertainty,
  3. the need for significance,
  4. the need for love or connection,
  5. the need to grow,
  6. and the need to contribute.

We all have numerous ways of meeting these core needs. Personally, one way for me is flying small airplanes. It is something that meets all these needs for me.

Certainty‐ I know if I go flying, I am going to enjoy it. I always do.
Uncertainty‐ absolutely, every flight is a new experience. New challenges.
Significance – sure, not everyone is a pilot. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.
Connection – yes, I connect with myself. Get away from it all. Or I take a passenger or two. When you’re flying someone around, you get their full attention!
Grow – I learn something new every time I go up. I practice new maneuvers.
Contribute – I volunteer to fly for many charitable events, where I get to give rides to young kids who want to become pilots.
You can see why I love flying so much. For me, it is a great vehicle for meeting my needs in a positive way. If something meets all six of your core needs, you are not going to give it up, unless you find something else to replace it with that also meets all of these same needs. This works for good vehicles or bad ones.

When I use the word vehicle, I am referring to whatever you are using to meet your needs. Vehicles can either be good or bad. If you find something that meets at least four of these core needs, you will have a hard time giving it up, even if it’s a bad vehicle.

Think about this, why are so many young kids joining gangs? What do gangs provide? Let’s see;
1. Certainty – certainty also means comfort. For many kids, joining a gang gives them a sense of comfort, as they are with a group of other kids looking for the same thing as they are. Comfort in numbers.
2. Uncertainty – yes, something can happen at any moment. There are rival gangs to look out for, police raids, etc.
3. Significance ‐ When they are wearing the gang’s colors, they are significant. They made it into the gang. It gives them a sense of uniqueness.
4. Connection – yes, a sense of brotherhood. Most gang members will take a bullet for each other.

When we understand these core needs, we can see what drives us, or others. Everyone will find something, good or bad, to meet his or her needs. So think about some of the vehicles you are using to meet your needs. Maybe you’re using food as a vehicle, or alcohol or drugs or gambling.

If you have ever tried to quit a bad habit and failed, you probably didn’t find a replacement vehicle to replace what it was you were trying to quit. Discipline alone will not work.

These needs are so important, that people will abandon their principles to meet their needs. To be truly happy, find good vehicles to replace the bad vehicles you may be using and you will feel truly fulfilled.

Good or bad, we all make choices based on these needs. How can you use the need for significance to help you get fit and healthy?

Think about how you view your health. Do you view your health as something you have the responsibility to take care of, or are you going to rely on the medical profession to bail you out? If it’s not too late by then!

Very few people have the discipline needed to take control of their health, so you will be part of this small group. The fact that you are reading this post means that you are interested in improving your health. Be proud of what you are doing!

If you are abusing your body, then you are viewing yourself as insignificant, or not worthy of the effort. Change the way you view yourself and you will make extraordinary changes in your health!

Thanks for reading!

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