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Some Unusual Fast Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking for fast weight loss, take a few of these tips from the experts. Fast weight loss can happen with a few tweaks to your daily habits. You already know that eating less and exercising more will aid in fat loss, but by adding a couple of tricks to your routine, you can make quick weight loss a reality.

Up the Intensity

Higher intensity exercise can be just what you need for fast weight loss. Sprinters, cyclists and runners all use high intensity workouts to get fit. Try adding some HIIT (high intensity interval training) to your workout. Quick weight loss results from confusing your body and adding short bursts of hard exercise to your normal workout. It doesn’t take much. If you’re walking, you can add a few random sprints into the walk to up the intensity. Or, if you’re taking a jog, run at your maximum speed for 20 to 30 seconds every few minutes. You’ll get in better shape faster, and you’ll notice greater fat loss from this program as well.

Control Freak

Portion control is part of any fast weight loss program. Do you eat more chips if you eat them straight out of the bag, or if you put a serving on a plate? Usually, when we don’t portion out our foods, we can get trapped in mindless eating. This is especially true if you tend to watch television, or engage in other activities while you eat. If fast weight loss is your goal, then be sure to portion out your food ahead of meal time, and stick to eating only what’s on your plate.

Get Your Zs

Believe it or not, sleep is actually a critical component of fast weight loss. When you rest, you allow your body to heal, repair, process foods, and burn off body fat. Getting plenty of sleep also helps to reduce inflammation in your body. By reducing inflammation, you reduce health risks associated with stroke and diabetes.

Sleep is also the time when your mind gets to recharge. It’s easier to deal with stress, a diet program, work, relationships, and daily events when you’re fully rested. Less stress also means less cortisol, the stress hormone, will be released. Cortisol is one of the culprits that contribute to excess body fat. If you want fast weight loss, you’ll also want to keep your levels of cortisol low.

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