Use Cardio to Ramp up Your Fat Loss

Fat loss is all about calories in versus calories out. But, are there ways you can speed up your fat loss results by training smarter? Yes, you can maximize your fat loss potential by incorporating several types of cardiovascular exercise into your workout routine.

Chop It Up
No, we’re not talking about breaking your cardio into several different sessions, although that’s a great idea too. When going for maximum fat loss, you might want to try some martial arts to round out your program. There are fun cardio-kickboxing classes you can attend either at your local gym, or via DVD. Many people have really come to enjoy a good kick-boxing class and it burns a lot of calories, providing fast weight loss. Plus, it gives you a chance to work out any aggression that you may be feeling.

Another nice side effect of kick-boxing and martial arts practices is you’ll increase your flexibility. So, not only will you experience quick weight loss because of all the extra calories you’re burning, but while you’re stripping off the pounds, you’ll become more limber as well.

Make Cardio Fun
When you’re having fun, you hardly notice that you’re working hard. Instead of the same old treadmill or Stairmaster routine day in and day out, try mixing it up with some other fun activities. Rock-climbing, roller-blading, Zumba classes, outdoor bike rides, and hiking can all supplement what you do in the gym. Adding some fun to your schedule can make fat loss an enjoyable activity.

Cardio or Weight Lifting First?
Some trainers say the rule of thumb for cardio is to do it when it’s convenient for you. That’s a good point. It’s better to actually get the exercise in, then to worry about what to do and when. However, if your goal is even more fat loss, you might consider doing your cardio exercise after you lift. Why? There are several reasons why this is an effective strategy.

First, if your goal is to put on a little bit of muscle mass (which it should be), then you’ll want to use most of your power and energy for your important weight lifting workout. Once you’ve drained your reserves, and you hit the cardio, you’ll be in fat-burning mode. Since you’ve utilized all the energy in your bloodstream provided by glycogen, your body is forced to go to its fat stores for energy.

So, by saving cardio for last, you’ll be training smarter, seeing greater fat loss, and getting maximum benefits from your workout.

A Relaxing Evening?
If you don’t have trouble going to sleep at night, a good fat loss strategy can be to save your cardiovascular exercise for the evening hours. Research shows that you typically continue to burn extra calories for hours after your workout. However, studies show that training later at night boosts your after burn even more.

However, if you get too revved up from evening training, you might need to stick to cardio earlier in the day. Sleep is important too. And, remember, good fat loss is helped along by getting a good night’s sleep.

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