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New year, healthier me continues. I have been doing really well at working out consistently but wanted to continue that journey with fueling my body right. I have to take it slowly, one step at a time for me, and it’s still a work in progress. Starting with Viance Nutrition has helped so much though. I started using their products a couple weeks ago and have loved it so far. I have their Viance Vitality Blend that I have for my breakfast every single day. It is a meal replacement shake. It is delicious and I feel satisfied and full afterwords. I have been mixing mine in a blender with 8 oz. of Almond Milk, one banana, and a cup of ice. I am slightly obsessed with this mixture so I’ve been sticking to it every day. I won’t be afraid in the future to mix it up though. The Vitality Blend is chock full of energy fueled nutrients that I need for my daily routine. I feel like for as many meals as you get out of the package as well, it is a great price for a meal replacement shake mix. viance3





Another product I’ve been enjoying of theirs are the Brownie Bites. For all those who know me well, know I have a sweet tooth! I’m excited to hopefully let these replace my sugary treats. They’re all natural and have several super food ingredients. Plus, they’re actually good haha…Thats always a plus.


Viance has several options on their website. When you visit their site, a discount offer will pop up that looks like this:


 Enter your email to get a discount for your purchase! So click HERE and see what sort of discount you can get. If you decide to give it a try, let me know! It’s fun to know who is going through this journey with me.


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