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Want To Burn A Quick 100 Calories? Here’s How in 3 Minutes!


Getting in shape is more difficult than ever! Probably because of the increasing number of temptations (In n Out Burger anyone?!) The world is filled with a lot of ways for us to get distracted: unhealthy and fatty foods, expensive gym memberships, and sedentary workspaces. The combination of these factors makes weight loss a tricky thing – how do you keep yourself healthy without having a hectic lifestyle?

It’s not hopeless! Fortunately for us, many health experts continue to inspire and influence people to keep track of their health. A lot of researches and studies are being conducted to improve the quality and healthiness of the food that we eat. Exercise gurus and fitness enthusiasts keep coming up with exciting and easy-to-follow workouts to make physical activity more convenient.

Here’s a quick calorie buster that will jumpstart your metabolism and give you an immediate calorie burn!

40 jumping jacks

30 crunches

20 squats

10 push ups

Not convinced? Let’s look into each and every exercise sequence in this calorie-burning routine, and how each step can help burn excess calories from your body.

Jumping Jack

Many gyms and workout videos include this exercise in their usual routines. Jumping jacks involve vertical leaping while keeping your extremities open and swinging.

This particular routine boosts heart rate, making it a very effective aerobic exercise staple. As you jump against gravity, you will find yourself breathing more deeply. This causes faster oxygen pickup in the bloodstream and consequently your muscles. This results to a more rapid fat and calorie burning.

In addition, the movement of your extremities and tightening of your abdominal region can give you improved strength.


Speaking of strength, crunches serve as an efficient strategy to toughen up your ab muscles. More importantly, this exercise strengthens your core, giving you a straighter posture. This improvement in your body posture can lead to a gradual fat reduction as your body exerts more effort to keep your back straight and your abdomen tight.

While the exercise routine featured above does not specify what kind of crunches you need to do, make sure that you don’t strain your neck and back. Otherwise, that will defeat the purpose of maintaining your health.


This exercise is geared towards improving your lower body, particularly the butt, thighs, and hips. The muscle groups activated by squats include calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

Aside from this, squats also activate the core muscles, resulting to stronger ab and back muscles. Any exercise that targets the core muscles will always yield positive results in terms of calorie burning, and squats are no different.

Push Ups

Although this has been known as an exercise to enhance chest muscles, push ups have graduated into something more.

First, push ups condition your upper body. By engaging the pecs, delts and triceps, you will find yourself with a toned upper body and a better frontal frame. Be warned, though: this exercise will definitely make you sweat hard, and that is why we kept it at only 10 repetitions for the routine described above.

Second, and perhaps more importantly for the purpose of our discussion, doing push ups requires your back to be straight and not arched. The result? Another core strengthening workout! As discussed earlier, anything that involves the core muscles will burn calories right off the bat.


I hope you can commit to a few exercise sets sometime soon. If you are not comfortable with the technique listed above, you can always browse through the Viance pages, particularly our articles about exercise. Our exercise and workout features can serve as great complementary tools to your diets.

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