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Why Weights Should Be Part of Your Weight Loss Program


Should you lift weights as part of your weight loss program? The answer is yes. A solid weight loss program will probably consist of weight lifting, cardiovascular exercise, and a healthy diet program. Fast weight loss will be easier for you if you increase your muscle mass.

What Are the Benefits of Lifting Heavy?

Not only should your weight loss program definitely include lifting, it should incorporate heavy lifting into your quick weight loss routine. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, heavy lifting will increase your fat loss over time. Lifting weight, especially heavier weights, will give your body shape and help build much needed muscle. Muscle, unlike body fat, burns calories because it is a metabolically active tissue. Therefore, it makes sense that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will require on a daily basis to maintain its current weight.

Why Force It?

Another way to boost your weight loss program and lifting routine is through the use of “forced reps”. This method of lifting usually requires a partner. You perform all the repetitions of an exercise that you can until you reach failure. Once you can’t do any more reps, your partner will help you lift the weight so you can squeeze out a few more repetitions. This forces your muscles to grow and get stronger.

Negatives Can Be a Positive

As part of your weight loss program and your lifting regime, negatives can also bring you great results. A “negative” repetition is when you perform the “positive” movement of a repetition normally, but when you lower the weight (or the negative part of the repetition) you do so slowly.

Sometimes, you don’t even do the positive part of the movement. You simply start at the top and slowly do the negative part of the repetition. An example of this is starting a pull-up at the top of the bar and slowly lowering down. You don’t perform the pull-up motion itself, only the negative downward part of the exercise is used.

Negatives are also a great way to continue making progress in the gym if you don’t have a partner. They allow you to push yourself beyond your normal lifting limits by taxing the muscle in a different way. This allows growth and strength gains.

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