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What Kinds of Carbs Can I Eat On a Diet?

Many time when you hear the word “diet”, carbs are the last thing you think of! Normally, we think of salads without dressings, lots of water, and of course, nothing too sweet or salty.

But good carbs should be a part of every diet. Our bodies need carbs for energy, and of course depriving yourself will just send you to the cookie jar or ice cream pint – and that’s exactly what we don’t want. So if you’re asking yourself, “what kinds of carbs can I eat on a diet?”, take a look at our list. And don’t forget to add fiber when you eat your carbohydrates. Doing so helps you stay full longer and fight those food cravings that sneak up on us!

Green Peas

This is an easy way to get some green on your plate and keep the carbs healthy. Beyond just being a good choice for carbs, a half-cup of these little green gems provides 12 percent of your recommended daily intake of zinc. Since zinc is known for its cold-fighting powers, it’s a good idea to incorporate this into your diet during cold season. And zinc also helps reduce hunger by boosting levels of leptin, a hormone that alerts your brain when your stomach has had enough. We need all the help we can get! Serve them as a side dish or toss some in a salad for a hearty lunch. Our recipe for Pea Pea & Parmesan Orzo is a great dish that tastes great as leftovers for lunch, too!

Whole Wheat Pasta

We know – pasta is the last thing you think of when you hear the word diet! But unlike those massive portions you see at neighborhood restaurants, eating a pasta on a healthy diet means having a smaller portion, and building in some veggies instead of all that cheese. And whole wheat is our friend! Studies show that a higher intake of whole grains— around three servings daily—is associated with a lower BMI and less abdominal fat, two things that we all want! Keep your portions to about 1/2 cup to 1 cup. Try our recipe for Tomato Basil Pasta – it’s super easy to prepare and is a good way to get some good carbs in your diet.



You know we love our oatmeal here at Viance – we’ve got so many recipes that feature this awesome superfood. Beyond just being a healthy carb, oatmeal has loads of fiber. This fiber helps keep you full, so it’s a good way to start your day with a solid breakfast so that you’re not diving into a cheeseburger at lunch. This fiber has also been shown to reduce visceral fat, the deep belly kind that surrounds vital organs and has been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Want to jazz up your boring bowl of oatmeal to get this great carb in your diet? Try our recipes for Carrot Oatmeal Cookies, which are full of other nutrients and a healthy dessert, or our Oatmeal Casserole that’s always a brunch favorite!


It seems like they’re always a new “it” food coming around the corner, and kamut is the newest member of the superfood club. Joining quinoa, chia seeds, and kale, this ancient grain, native to the Middle East, is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, high in protein, and low in calories. Wow! And beyond all this, it has 20% of your daily serving of magnesium in a serving. Add it to your salads, soups, or just serve as a side dish mixed with your favorite veggies. What better way to enjoy your carbs than with other healthy ingredients, right?

Eating right on a diet doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our recipes at to guide you with healthy choices and feel satisfied with what you eat and how you feel. It’s what nature intended!

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