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Will Fat Loss Reveal My Abs?

Yes, fat loss is the way to expose your six pack abs. But, are there any other secrets to fat loss and carving out your washboard abs? Simply put, you have to exercise more and eat less. There are also a few handy tips you can use to see progress more quickly.

What Are Abs?

Your abdominal muscles form your core and are comprised of several different muscle groups. The rectus abdominus is usually associated with the “six-pack” since it is separated into sections with connective tissue, called linea alba. When body fat is low, the linea alba help to form the appearance of six pack abs. The transverse abdominus is not visible, but forms a supportive sheath around your torso. Your internal and external obliques are on each side of your body. These muscles run somewhat diagonally, from your ribs to your pelvis, and help with bending and twisting movements.

Training for Abdominal Development

While fat loss will ultimately reveal your abs, you can also train them to make them pop. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to isolate specific ab muscles while training. They typically will work in conjunction with each other to perform an exercise. However, certain exercises can put more emphasis on particular ab muscles.

Side bends and twists will help strengthen the transverse abdominus. Leg lifts will focus on training your lower abs. Exercises like crunches will work on the front, center muscles; your six pack area.

You can either train exclusively with your body weight, or incorporate free weights into your ab routine. Either method will be effective as long as your body fat levels are low.

A Diet Program for Fat Loss

Fat loss and visible abs go hand in hand. Fat loss will occur when you consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. A good diet program for healthy weight loss will keep your calories slightly below your maintenance level. You’ll want to make sure the calories you do eat come from healthy, nutritious foods. Counting, measuring and recording your food intake will also go a long way toward quick weight loss and stunning abdominals.

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