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Winning Fat Loss Workouts

You can experience fat loss as a result of many factors. Fat loss might occur because of things like exercise, dieting, certain medications, sickness, stress, and more. However, these are obviously not all optimal methods for stripping away fat. If you’re looking for healthy weight loss, take a look at some of these great fat loss workouts.

What Is a Fat Loss Workout?

A fat loss workout is a workout that keeps your heart rate up during most of your workout. It will also burn a lot of calories during your session. Ideally, the best workouts will continue to allow your body to burn excess calories long after your workout is complete as well. This type of workout is sometimes called a “metabolic” workout because it keeps your metabolism humming along during the entire session.

Cardio for Fat Loss

You should also employ high intensity cardio interval training for stellar fat loss. High intensity interval training is often called “HIIT”. HIIT is a workout where you alternate between very difficult work near your maximum heart rate threshold, and slower easier work. A great example of this type of workout is to sprint as fast as you can for thirty seconds followed by a minute and a half of slow walking. You then repeat this cycle over again until your workout totals twenty to thirty minutes.

This type of workout will spur greater fat loss than a normal run or walk. And, maybe the most beneficial aspect of a HIIT workout is the fact that your body will continue to burn calories long after you’re done. This is known as “EPOC” which is post exercise oxygen consumption. Your metabolism takes time to recover from this type of workout, and you benefit by continuing to burn extra calories while at rest.

Weights Do Wonders

Fat loss can also come through proper weight lifting techniques. While there are many proponents of the heavy weight lifting phenomenon, that’s not the only way to burn off excess fat for quick weight loss. The reason that heavy weight lifting helps with fat loss is because you burn so many calories just lifting the weight. Then, the muscle you build also burns more calories than non-muscle tissue, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest.

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