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Your Nose Knows: How The Sense Of Smell Helps You Lose Weight


Our nose sometimes betrays us. Imagine passing by a movie theater and catching a whiff of buttery popcorn. Or freshly baked pizza hot out of the oven. Or a barbecue! Wouldn’t your mouth water in an instant?

Whenever we smell a particular aroma that reminds us of something flavorful, we end up with an increased desire for food cravings. It may seem that having the sense of smell is a deterrent to our weight loss goals.

But fear not! You can turn the tide to your advantage, and use your olfactory senses to help you achieve weight loss targets instead of derailing them.

Here are some tips to use your nose to your fitness advantage:

Certain foods emit oils that can suppress appetite.

A number of studies have identified different types of food that reduce people’s food cravings: grapefruit oil, green apple, and banana. Extra virgin olive oil has a very aromatic essence that generates a feeling of being full. A German study showed that people who took a sniff of extra virgin olive oil ate less calories, experienced more regulated blood glucose levels, and were found with an increased level of the compound serotonin responsible for the full feeling. Some people tend to eat when they’re stressed or sleepy. One of the great ways to distress is by smelling soothing scents like lavender. This way, you’ll get rid of stress eating and get the sleep that your body needs.

How about a scent that motivates you?

Another study recommends smelling peppermint when you feel too tired to exercise. The minty kick may give you just the right amount of boost to push you into lifting weights or taking that morning jog. Depression and negative thoughts may lead to unnecessary eating and destroy your diet plans. Uplift your mood with a hint of eucalyptus to take away the negativity and depressive state that you might be feeling. Are you still not convinced that scents and aromas can help you lose weight? Well read on!

Garlic might leave you with “bad” breath but…

According to a 2012 study in the journal Flavour, strong aromas make you take smaller bites of food. Look for foods with bold flavors like garlic, chiles or onions, or try sprinkling red chile pepper flakes into a simple soup for a strong kick as well as a metabolism boost. Another strong flavored and scented food is fennel. This crunchy, refreshing plant with a hint of licorice flavoring has long been used by Italians to cleanse their palates, but it also functions as an appetite suppressant. If you get food cravings, break off a stalk or two of the celery-like herb and eat it with a glass of water.

So don’t let you nose deter you, but rather see how your sense of smell helps you lose weight when you focus on the right foods. Pretty soon you’ll be letting your nose lead the way to optimal health!

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