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Your Thoughts Can Cause Physical Pain


Your Thoughts Can Cause Physical Pain.  Maybe you wouldn’t necessarily connect what you’re thinking and feeling emotionally with the foods you’re eating and the various aches and pains you experience in your body. However, as it turns out, everything really is connected and your thoughts and emotions do affect your physical health in a very real way. The good news is you can recognize what’s happening and take steps to alleviate the issues by managing your thought patterns and fueling your body with healthy food choices.

Maybe You’ve Noticed These Symptoms

They’re called “symptoms” because these debilitating aches and pains are telling of something about a more involved problem. That “something” is your emotions.

I’m sure there have been plenty of times when you were having a stressful day at work and, all of the sudden you realized your shoulders were all hunched up and your neck was tight. Have you ever worried yourself sick or been thinking of something that made you angry and found yourself clenching your teeth? Maybe you’ve heard some of these: worried to death, consumed by guilt, eating at her, pain in the neck, so angry you could snap, he makes me sick, or I’m fed up. These phrases are all referring to the pain caused by negative emotions.

These are thoughts that manifest themselves as actual physical ailments. You’re familiar with the world “disease.” If you break that down it becomes “dis-ease,” meaning that something is preventing you from being at ease.

What’s eating at you?

The physical manifestations of what you are feeling can be caused by many things, but are typically represented in some of the following manners. Pain in the neck or shoulder region can be indicative of “all the weight of the world” on your shoulders, or shouldering the whole load. You are overwhelmed and might feel you are responsible for too much.

Difficulties with your heart or lungs can mean you have trouble expressing or accepting love or are feeling unsupported. Gastrointestinal issues can stem from a refusal to deal with emotional issues, guilt or worry.

Many of us suffer from different forms of joint pains and even arthritis which can symbolize resentment, criticism and the refusal to make changes in life. It’s important to take stock and figure out which emotions and feelings are causing you pain.

Often, these emotions can also cause you to make bad food choices or overeat. Food, emotions and physical pain are all entwined and have to be addressed in order to gain relief.

What You Should Be Eating

Thankfully, there are many ways to combat the stressors we place upon ourselves with our thoughts and emotions. Of course you can and should incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. You should strive to move at least 20-30 minutes every day.

Foods can also calm and relax you. Some great choices are foods rich in Omega-3s. These will help to reduce inflammation as well as stress and can be found in fish like tuna and salmon, and also in various nuts and seeds.

Dairy is another food that may have comforting effects, due to B vitamins. Products like ice cream are often associated with fond childhood memories. Consuming these can bring you back to the comfort and safeness of childhood. Citrus is beneficial because it contains vitamin C, an immune system fortifier.

Food for Thought

Good health involves a lot more than just a lean body. By feeding yourself nourishing foods that help relieve stress and heal and strengthen your system, you are already ahead of the game. Next, address those frustrations you’re feeling and bring them to light so they can dissipate along with the physical pain they’re causing you.

For a tasty jumpstart toward pain free living, try this powerful salad dish to calm your nerves and get you feeling relaxed and happy:

Fruit and Nut Calming Salad

6 cups spinach and arugula mix
10 slices prosciutto julienned
8 fig halves
2 T balsamic vinegar
2 T olive oil
3/4 cup sliced strawberries
1/2 cup low fat feta
Sprinkle of walnuts

Mix oil and vinegar and pour over lettuce greens. Toss and then add strawberries, figs, and prosciutto. Sprinkle with feta and walnuts and serve.

Take control of your thoughts and take control of your health. Less stress and negativity can lead to positive health benefits. For more information on making healthy weight loss easy, visit Viance Nutrition. Also, check out more fitness strategies

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